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Right now, I’m between the east and west coast. I have lived in Sequoia, Virginia, and now adding Arizona to the list. I know California, Shenandoah, Virginia and the southwest regions very well.

Where are you based?

Definitely, we get it, time can get lost on that special day, and we would love to extend documentation of the day for you.

Can I extend coverage on the day of?

Of course! Reach out with a specific location and date for a custom quote.

Do you shoot
destination weddings?

This day is about you!
I’ve done sessions where there was little to no hiking as well as several miles into the wilderness. 

How much hiking is involved?

As soon as possible! Wedding photographers, venues and other vendors book quickly, as most folks plan 9-12 months out for their wedding. If you wait, we may not be available.


Can we include friends and family, too?
What about pets?

YES to all - especially your dog.

What if our families disagree with our decision?

It’s a hard thing to disappoint people we care about. Just remember, this day is supposed to be about you and your partner and it only happens once. It’s your decision.
Make choices true to you that will bring you joy!

elopements + weddings

serving:  Blue Ridge Mountains  |  Shenandoah  |  Virginia  |  grand canyon  |  Arizona

elopements + weddings

Blue Ridge Mountains
Shenandoah, Virginia
the grand canyon

Adventure Elopement and Wedding Photographer

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Mariah Arianna

Mariah Arianna